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Minibeast class pack
Schools wildlife resource pack - Town, 
Park & Garden
The Town, Park & Garden Pack is an ideal resource if you have a schools ground project as it will focus the childrens attention on what is present season to season and provides many ideas for encouraging wildlife into their wild areas. It will suit all primary levels. It is an ideal resource to encourage and nurture that spark of ethusiasm and excitement gained particularly after a trip to a nature reserve or country park. It aims to remind children that there is a wealth of wildlife right on their doorstep, whether they live in the centre of town or a more rural location.
N.B. The activities in the Minibeast Wildlife Discovery Pack are included as part of the Town, Park & Garden Pack
Seashore Wildlife Discovery Schools Pack
Seashore Wildlife resource topic pack
This pack will appeal to children of all ages interested in investigating wildlife on the seashore, covering not just rockpools but creatures of sandy shore and beachombing finds.

The laminated identification cards are waterproof and able to withstand heavy wear and tear, ideal for little hands around water. An ideal companion on a trip to the seashore.
Pack contains:
5x (8 page) A5 instruction booklet
60 laminated identification cards: 30 Guide to common rockpool creatures; 15 Creatures of the sandy shore; 15 Beachcombing Treasures; 1 A3 Seashore colouring in poster to photocopy; Teachers crib sheet

Price 71.99
Deciduous Woodland Wildlife Discovery Schools Pack
Complete woodland wildlife schools 
resource topic pack
Woodland (Jr.) Wildlife Discovery Schools Pack
Seasonal woodlands schools resource 
This is a pack is ideal if you are organising a visit to a woodland in any season it will focus interest and enthusiasm on the more seasonal aspects of woodland exploration.

The booklet provides lots of fun and creative ideas on how to discover more about the woodland wildlife and the laminated activity cards are waterproof and able to withstand heavy wear and tear. An ideal companion on a trip to the woods.
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