Woodland (Jr.) Wildlife Discovery Pack
ISBN 978-1-907039-06-5
A fantastic woodland wildlife activity and discovery pack. This is a pack that will appeal to younger children focusing their enthusiasm on the more seasonal aspects of woodland exploration. The eye-spy cards provide information and identification for the more prominant woodland creatures and plants season to season. Tree leaf bingo and winter twig bingo provide a fun way to explore and identify trees. There is a fun natures rainbow activity encouraging children to look for colours within the woodland and a woodland treasure hunt.

The booklet also provides lots of fun and creative ideas on how to discover more about the woodland wildlife.

The laminated activity cards are waterproof and able to withstand heavy wear and tear. An ideal companion on a trip to the woods.
Seasonal woodland activity pack for 
Pack contains
8 page full colour A5 instruction booklet
4 laminated activity cards:
Eye-Spy ~ Spring & Summer
Eye-Spy ~ Autumn & Winter
Tree Leaf Bingo & Winter Twig Bingo
Woodland Treasure Hunt & Nature's Rainbow
Dry-wipe Pen
All packaged within a durable plastic envelope.

Price 5.99
Winter twig bingo
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