Visiting Islay? Check out the following sites:
Isle of Islay
Roe Deer illustration
Islay Natural History Trust
The INHT visitor centre is great for families and children with a wealth of information and displays about Islays wildlife. It provides a reference library, childrens room, pond and sea aquaria and hands on activities for all ages. Tickets are valid for a whole week - perfect for short attention spans.
Barnacle Goose
RSPB's Islay reserves at Loch Gruinart and The Oa offer opportunities to see a broad range of Islay's Wildlife. Loch Gruinart in the north of the island has a great viewing hide in amongst waders and waterfowl, a woodland walk and regular guided walks. The Oa has a circular walk across moorland and around dramatic cliffs, with regular guided walks where it is possible to see chough, peregrine and eagles.
Hen Harrier
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