Lesser -spotted Woodpecker
Loch Gruinart - Isle of Islay
The wildlife activity packs were first conceived in 2002 by ecologist and artist Fiona MacGillivray on the beautiful Hebridean island of Islay. Initially the Islay Wildlife Discovery Pack was produced in 2003 to provide children with a fun and interactive guide to the wildlife of Islay encouraging observation and discovery in a 'hand-on' way. Green Bug Productions was set up in 2004 to expand on the success of the initial pack and to produce a broader range of discovery packs to cater for more regions and habitats.

Fiona MacGillivray designs, researches and illustrates all the packs herself.
Fiona MacGillivray has lived on Islay for 16 years undertaking work with RSPB, Scottish Natural Heritage and the local Islay Natural History Trust. Surveying all manner of flora and fauna, managing a natural history centre and leading and organising wildlife activity sessions with families and schools she has a wide ranging knowledge of wildlife, habitats and how to bring this enthusiasm and understanding to a level .

Currently her main work involves counting geese during the winter and surveying the Sound of Islay for birds and mammals preceeding potential tidal power development.

All this alongside developing the business of Green Bug Productions and bringing up a young daughter!
Fiona MacGillivray
"My core aim for each pack is to broaden understanding and engourage children to gain an interest and enthuse over what they see around them. Though not definitive identification guides they provide a means of identification, enough information to recognize the key behaviours of the species and usually a small snippit of interesting trivia about that creature to link it in with its surroundings or just make you say wow!

Unlike a book the guides provide activity materials which can be taken out into the field without the worry of getting wet or dirty, they are hard wearing and can be used again and again. My main phyilosophy is that the wildlife is out there and the only way to really appreciate it is to get 'hands-on' and out to see it.

The packs provide much enjoyment for children, provide a means of focusing their attention whilst on holiday or at home. The ideas and activities will also help parents gain confidence to encourage that spark of enthusiasm children may have gained whilst on a trip to a nature reserve or at their local country park."

Fiona MacGillivray
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